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Welcome, We aim to provide you with details on the very best Torches, Headlamps and lanterns available and also find the cheapest models on Amazon.


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  • LED Torch Glossary
    Get up to speed with the words and phrases LED torch manufacturers use to describe their products… Lumens The total amount of light a torch can produce is measured in lumens. This figure isn’t affected by the focus direction or beam quality. If a torch has a range of brightness settings, the lumens figure quoted [...]
  • Guide to choosing an LED head torch
    The humble head torch has become an essential addition to the outdoor enthusiast’s kit bag thanks to the latest ultra-bright LED models. The ability to have bright, hands-free lighting is a boon for those taking part in a whole host of activities, such as caving, kayaking, fishing, running, and so on. Once you own a [...]
  • LED Torch technology explained
    Introduced just over a decade ago, LED torches have become the new benchmark for handheld lighting. The astonishing levels of brightness we’ve come to expect from modern torches is thanks to the Light Emitting Diode, or LED as it’s come to be known. LEDs are increasingly being used to replace older, incandescent bulb technology because [...]
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